About Us

founded 1996
as a consultancy agency for marketing communication and press publicity we growed to an active management company with direct investments in start-up and modern trading companies to combine their knowledge of technology and our knowledge to build up brand awareness and strategic channel placement.

At the beginning there must be an VISION in all Business!This does not mention a definition of Market potentials and a description of the product

A VISION includes a message which lives for the product and the company. It is not touchable but at the end it is the corporate Identity of the company and the related products. It is not easy and in reality you will not find many Visions. This luck of visions is confirmed by all the ME-TOO products.

                                                               Let us change your VISION!

Use our Experience:

All our employees in consulting, sales and support have long-time experiences regarding their sector and have been employed by manufacturers, distributors and/or system vendors.
As for our marketing services, we have been specialized in the IT and Telecommunication segment for 10 years.


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